Warriors Basketball Club is a youth basketball organization for those who live in San Francisco Bay Area. The Warriors Program features an experienced and enthusiastic coaching staff as well as players who are committed to developing both their team and individual skills. John Muir Health Ultimate Fieldhouse, is a state of the art recreation facility that is approved to open for camps and small group training to bring back a little form of normalcy for our athletes.

What will your kids do at Warriors Basketball Club?

Build Confidence

Build Self Confidence

As a player begins to challenge themself and achieve incremental goals vital self-confidence is gained.

Learn Teamwork

Learn Teamwork

Kids are taught to be vocal, yet respectful & positive with teammates. Valuable attributes for future leaders!

Improve Skills

Improve Skills

Your child will receive important fundamental and situational reps instrumental to improving skills such as ball handling, shooting, & defense.

Disconnect & Stay Active

We agree! Kids need to disconnect from the screen at times and stay active. Physical activity helps with mental & physical development & promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Learn Self-Discipline & Coachability

The best ability is Coach-ABILITY!! Our coaches have lots of experience with all types of kids. They teach kids to respect others as well as themselves—which will put them in a position to win both now & in the future

Make Lifelong Friends

Build lasting friendships in the Community

Our biggest accomplishment is YOU!! The relationships that are built in and around this sport last a lifetime! For us, everything begins with community. Meet the Coaches Gym Locations Email Us